Advanced Aircraft Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

Professor Xin Zhang


Professor Xin Zhang has supervised nearly 50 PhD/EngD students as main supervisor; these students currently hold diverse positions in academia, aerospace and automobile industries, government, and other sectors.

Student Degree and Title of Thesis Start Date Completion Date
Aldo Rona Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic estimation of oscillatory supersonic flows October 1993 June 1997
David Jeffrey An investigation into the aerodynamics of Gurney flaps October 1994 July 1998
Xiaoxian Chen A numerical investigation of self-sustained cavity flow oscillation October 1997 December 2000
Jonathan D C Zerihan An investigation into aerodynamics of wings in ground effect October 1997 April 2001
Andrea E Senior An investigation of a 3D generic diffuser in ground effect October 1997 August 2001
Andreas Ruhrmann The downforce producing flow physics of a diffuser equipped bluff body in ground effect October 1999
Richard J Pattenden An investigation of the flow around truncated cylinders October 1999 April 2004
Graham A Ashcroft The aeroacoustics of low speed unsteady flow October 2000 January 2004
Edward Maina The development of flow control vortices October 1999 January 2004
Simon K Richards Acoustic computation of sound radiation from ducts October 2000 April 2004
Prithiraj Bissessuer Unsteady aerodynamics using high-order methods October 2000 April 2007
Jim McManus Aerodynamics of a single wheel in contact with ground November 2001 Tbc
Stephen Mohan The aerodynamics of multi-element wings in ground effect October 2001 April 2005
Andrew Wells Experimental and computational of slat aerodynamics and aeroacoustics with flow control October 2002 September 2007
David Angland Aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of flap side edges October 2002 June 2006
Sammie C C Chan An investigation into the reduction of flow induced tonal noise using plasma actuators October 2002 April 2006
Zhaoka Ma Computational aeroacoustic modelling of slat noise October 2003 January 2007
Xun Huang Adaptive mesh refinement for computational aeroacoustics October 2003 October 2007
Martinus Van den Berg Aerodynamics interaction of an inverted wing with an rotating wheel October 2003 May 2007
Koen Boorsma Aeroacoustic control of landing gear noise using perforated fairings September 2004 June 2008
Edward Peers Physics based acoustic modelling of bluff bodies October 2004 May 2009
Takafumi Nishino An investigation of flow around a circular cylinder in ground effect October 2004 October 2007
Chris Booker Large scale vortex generation modelling and breakdown prediction October 2005 July 2010
Tom Westbury Aeroacoustics of a single wheel October 2005
Michael Spiteri Aerodynamic control of bluff body noise November 2005 July 2010
Yuichi Kuya Aerodynamics and Multi-fidelity surrogate modelling of an inverted wing with vortex generators in ground effect May 2006 December 2009
Jack Heyder-Bruckner The Aerodynamics of an inverted wing and a rotating wheel in ground effect October 2006 April 2011
Juan Molina Aerodynamics of heaving wing in ground effect October 2007 September 2011
Wen Liu Computational aeroacoustics of single LG wheel October 2006 January 2012
Koen van Mierlo Computational aeroacoustics of landing gear bogies October 2006 Viva May 2014
Kondwani Kanjere Aeroacoustic investigation of aircraft spoiler during steep approach October 2006 January 2013
Cindy Wang Computational aeroacoustics of slat tracks January 2007 December 2014
Peng Chen Identification and attenuation of slat noise April 2008 April 2012
Xinfu Luo Plasma based jet vortex generators for flow control April 2008 May 2012
Antoni Alomar Investigation into noise emitted by large bluff bodies with large roughness October 2009 April 2013
Ju Wu Efficient Prediction Method for Broadband Acoustic Mode Radiation from Engine October 2009 October 2011
Scott Chappell Plamsa actuators for high lift devices October 2009 September 2013
Michael Sanderson Efficient computation of landing gear noise October 2010
Jie Zhou Prediction of cabin noise in aircraft and its abatement using porous material April 2010 April 2014
Chuikun Zeng Efficient CAA algorithm dvevelop October 2011
Shuming Miao GPU based CAA computation
Hou Yu Physics based aircraft noise model October 2012
Fuyang Tao Aerodynamics and aeroaocustics of air distribution duct October 2012
Stefano Spagnolo Unsteady aerodynamic loads on aircraft landing gears January 2012
Mathias Aubert Landing gear load control November 2012
Utza Oza Large scale computation of landing hear aero loads October 2012
Tim Heffernon Fast multipole methods for aircraft noise October 2012
Sarah Premachandra Aircraft aero load model August 2013
Sylvain Gross Plasma actuator for flow control October 2013
Meng Wang Aircraft flow and noise computation September 2013
Fernando Gea Aguilera Computational aeroacoustics of broadband engine noise October 2013
Ravish KarveComputational and experimental study of CROROctober 2104
Yuhao SunEfficient propagation eqs based on wave splitting methodsFebruary 2015
Yi FangExperimental assessment of sound absorbing metasurfaces for aeroacoustic applicationsFebruary 2015
Siyang ZhongSimulation of entropy and acoustic wavesFebruary 2015
EngD supervision
Sara WindidateComputation of Bluff Body Flow for Active Control ApplicationsOctober 2009April 2014
James GillContro-rotating openrotor broadband noiseOctober 2010December 2014
Martin CottageActive control of aero loadOctober 2013